Create Lasting Holiday Experiences With L’Amour Pearls

The festivities have begun, but you’re still unsure of how to spend these last few weeks of the year with your loved ones. 

Fear not! Our team at L’Amour Pearls has you covered with more activities and style tips, and special gift ideas to show how much you care:


Go With The Flow, Go See A Show

The holiday season always calls for a lively theater season; if you’ve got a partner, friend, or family member who enjoys watching live performances, check and choose from ballet, orchestras, musicals, or plays (try to support Indigenous and local shows whenever possible). 

We suggest a sleek, sophisticated look to update the winter theatergoer’s fashion. Gift her our Freshwater Pearl Long Drop Earrings that she can wear with a high ponytail and a turtleneck-cardigan set.



A DIY Box For Your Treasures, Oh Those Little Pleasures

We love our crafty mother-daughter duos who also coordinate their looks! For a new holiday challenge, try making a jewelry box together—whether in the shape of a clam shell or, in keeping with the theatrics, a modern-yet-elegant ballerina music box—to store your matching Mini Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings when not in use with whatever materials you can find or buy at the store. 

Here’s a chic photo-shoot idea as a bonus: wear your earrings with holiday party dresses and your makeup vanity in the background—handmade jewelry box included. You’ll have quality, en vogue memories to cherish for a lifetime.



It’s Not Summer, But She Can Still Groove Before Her Slumber

For our mothers of younger daughters, consider throwing a comfy slumber party with all their friends. You can plan activities that are easier to supervise like a tea party, a talent show, hair braiding sessions, and a movie.

Make her feel like a little princess with our Freshwater Pearl Gold Hair Clip  that’ll go perfectly with cute plush or fleece pajamas.



At The Office, It’s All About The Finesse

Maybe you’ve got a work bestie, or are the proud parent or partner of a hardworking woman in your life who’s getting ready for that holiday office party. Get her our Dainty Freshwater Pearl Gold Bead Necklace that she can pair with a V-neck three-piece suit. 

If you two are colleagues, make sure to plan a night of fun with dancing, karaoke, games, and/or a photo booth for your staff—anything to get you in the festive spirit and welcoming a new, productive year together!



Take Care, Keep Her Snug As A Bear

Some of the best holidays could very well be spent at home—perhaps you’re feeling experimental in the kitchen and want to prepare breakfast in bed or a fireside dinner for your special someone. 

The cherry on top is your gift to her as part of your beautiful presentation. Let her stay cozy in a warm flannel fleece robe and our Dainty Freshwater Baroque Pearl Toggle Clasp Necklace  give her a break and don’t have her dress up for a change!



She’s So Sweet, Why Not Give Her A Treat?

If you’ve got a sweetheart with a craving, head to a dessert restaurant or chocolatier for your next date. Select our Dainty Freshwater Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings  to complement whatever delicacy she chooses. 

We recommend she dons comfortable overalls, a sweater, and a beanie with these earrings for an adorable, trendy vibe.



You’re Forever In Awe, When You Hear The Word “Spa”

Whether at an actual spa or in your own home, the self-care companion in your life is sure to appreciate a day of facials, massages, and mani-pedis with you. 

To complete her relaxed loungewear, surprise her with our Freshwater Pearl Classic Button Necklace & Bracelet in Silver that won’t get in the way of your precious R&R.



The holiday season is about intimate, authentic moments that bring hope for new beginnings and memories; no matter what you do or products you choose to commemorate them with, what’s important is that you’re deepening your relationships and nurturing your nostalgia with a fresh twist. 

We at L’Amour Pearls hope that our products and ideas have inspired love and creativity in your lives this past year. Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback, building this wonderful community, and creating unforgettable experiences with us. 

We look forward—fashionably—to bringing you even more stunning collections and exciting content for all your lifestyle needs in the new year. Happy holidays!