L’Amour Pearls’ Fruits of Elegance: Red For Passion, Green For Prosperity

Traces of vintage touching wondrous new ideas. Nostalgia for the present and future. These are the thoughts that carry us through every effort to create a “timeless” product with the versatile simplicity of cultured freshwater pearls.

Sometimes, our search for unique, diverse forms of expression through those classic hues tests our creativity beyond anything we could have ever imagined before; that is precisely how two special pairs of earrings—the first of their kind—were born into the L’Amour Pearls collection.

Our team is thrilled to help transform the “everyday woman” with a never-before-seen combination of gemstones and our signature pearls. Your powerful voice should be amplified even more, and your loving heart deserves to be always full; with L’Amour Pearls’ new earrings, our goal is to accentuate your trademark look while also empowering you to always take a stand for what you believe in.

Our first pair of earrings, the Baroque Pearl & Red Jasper Earrings are said to symbolize strength and endurance. Their bold gleam will give you the courage to elevate your fierce, yet delicate personality and fashion sense so you can proudly work toward everything you care about no matter the obstacles you face.

Baroque Pearl Red Jasper Earrings: L'Amour Pearls
Any dream you wish to achieve or need you must fulfill, our second pair of earrings, the Drop Pearl & Aventurine Earrings, will encourage you to trust your intuition. These elegant, sophisticated pieces that glow with green evidently represent wealth and good fortune. However, you choose to measure prosperity and align your ambitions, click in those earrings and let your success mindset attract abundance.

As we become wiser through various life experiences, we learn to appreciate these values all the more; naturally, we accept the responsibilities that come with them as well. Empowerment is about feeling secure in both the goals and boundaries you set for yourself—the gentle passion of pearl and red jasper united in our pair of earrings will remind you of that. Knowing when to stay on top of the work you are accountable for and when to dial back your energy; when to speak out about things that concern you and when to acknowledge your personal challenges; and when to strengthen your social connections and when to spend time with yourselfevery choice you make brings you closer to realigning your chakras.

Wearing pearl and aventurine one of a kind earrings will help you renew your optimism for finding happiness, comfort, and freedom in ways that make the most sense to you. In other words, for their power to take effect, you ought to harmonize yourself with favorable outcomes that satisfy your personal arc and make it more substantial.

The confidence to take action or give yourself time to rejuvenate is a meaning these high quality gemstones share with the pearl; together, their value redefines trendiness as love for the experience rather than lust for the moment.

Both pairs of earrings are suitable for any special occasions. After all, pearls themselves bring a vibrant calm to the room with their radiant iridescence. But while you may match the pearl in wisdom and refinement, your feminine prowess could nevertheless use a spark of fun, be it a ravishing red or a glorious green.

So put your cell phone away. Work up an appetite. Whether you are a bride or a luxury event attendee, you are never too busy to enjoy festive delights in your finest jewelry.

Mixing gemstones is a daring move for us pearl enthusiasts, to be sure; we look forward—fashionably—to hearing your feedback and further expanding our horizons as we continue finding ways to bend the trend.

We at L’Amour Pearls also love consulting with fashion trailblazers who understand and appreciate the value of eclectic, luxurious pearl jewelry. Contact us to learn more about our initiatives, our products as corporate gifts, or finding the pieces you have always been looking for to complete your fabulous outfits.