A Gift of Pearl Jewelry for your Special Little Flower Girls


Flower girls precede the bride in walking down the aisle sprinkling her path with flower petals or carrying a small bouquet. And, in their adorable gowns, they occasionally steal the show.










A flower girl walking down the aisle before the bride signifies the bride's transformation from a young girl to an adult. This is why flower girls wear dresses as well, to look like smaller versions of the bride.

Typically, flower girls are a close family member or daughter of a close friend of the bride and are between the ages of three and eight years old. If you are a bride, Once the bride gets the thumbs up from the parents, she should show her flower girl-to-be that her role is special to her and the occasion. Include her in your special day by having her get ready with your adult bridal party. Give her a gift of jewelry before or on the day of the ceremony to wear to make her feel special and create an impression that her role is important.

Jewelries are thoughtful gifts that carry sentiment for the young girls and they will love and cherish them for a long time, and it may even mark as one of the most cherished memories of you. Pearls are a perfect choice for flower girls and can be worn in the form of a hairpiece, earrings, necklace and/or bracelet. Even a brooch will nicely fit in with their cute dress.





One of the best aspects of pearl jewelry is its versatility. Depending on how they are worn, simple pearl earrings or even a classic pearl necklace could be elegant and beautiful, whimsical and fun, or sweet and innocent for the flower girls. 



Pearls are a gift from nature and therefore are naturally beautiful.  Pearl accessories are one of the most stunning and thoughtful presents you can give to any flower girl. They are always sentimental gifts that young girls will love and cherish for a long time.