Cracking the Pearl Code: L'Amour Pearls and University of Westminster forge innovative collaboration to understand Luxury Pearl Consumers

Luxury reimagined, tradition redefined – that's the essence of L'Amour Pearls. And in our pursuit of constant innovation, we're thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with the brightest minds from the University of Westminster's business school. 

L'Amour Pearls stands proud as one of the few pearl brands to embark on this quest to understand the intricacies of consumer behavior surrounding pearls. We delved into the desires and preferences of pearl enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, and also across the continent in Asia, a major market for luxury pearls. This global approach ensures our collections cater to a diverse clientele, each with their own unique sense of style and appreciation for the timeless elegance of pearls.

This partnership blossomed within the framework of the university's renowned Consumer Insights module, a program designed to equip future business leaders with the practical skills to tackle complex challenges. It provided the perfect platform for our collaboration. Led by L'Amour Pearls' team, students were granted a unique opportunity – to delve into the heart of our brand, immersing themselves in our ethos and values. This insider experience provided invaluable insights into employer engagement within the luxury sector, giving them a taste of the real world beyond the classroom.

“The Consumer Insight module provided the students with the opportunity to work on real-life workplace problems. Designed as an authentic assessment, the experience placed students as Consumer Insight Analysts to present the need for understanding and utilising consumer data to inform business and marketing decisions. The highlight of the project was when the client verified that through the field data collection and analysis, customer profile development, and link to sector-relevant consumer decision-making processes, the solutions presented were realistic and implementable”. Annetta Paps-King - Lecturer of International Marketing, Comms & Service – Management & Marketing - University of Westminster


 At the Forefront of Innovation: A Symbiotic Partnership

This initiative marks a significant milestone for L'Amour Pearls, fostering a synergy between academic excellence and industry expertise.  The heart of the collaboration involved students acting as Consumer Insight Analysts, tasked with deciphering the intricate consumer behaviors that drive the luxury pearl market in both the UK and Asia.  This authentic assessment challenged participants to leverage advanced data collection and analysis techniques, resulting in innovative solutions specifically tailored for the sector.

"The live brief project was a great opportunity for Westminster students to work with a fantastic company like L’Amour Pearls. Shiyamali and her team were amazing in helping students understand and communicate the authentic voice of their brand. Their careful supervision and feedback of the student work helped students gain invaluable experience in exercising the soft skills needed to complete projects and in developing the commercial awareness necessary to grow in such an entrepreneurial company". Paul Dwyer,  Professor - University of Westminster


A highlight of this journey was when our founder Shiyamali Paranirupasingam personally attended student pitches, validating the efficacy of their insights. This direct engagement underscored the significance of industry validation, illustrating how academia seamlessly integrates with real-world business scenarios. The entire project was carefully guided and supported by academic instructors and industry officers at the University of Westminster, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience for all involved.

“The opportunity for University of Westminster students to work with L’Amour Pearls on a creative live brief on the Consumer Insights module gave the students an opportunity to use their soft skills and business knowledge in practice by learning about the brand and their values in employer engagement. University of Westminster students got the opportunity to speak in the brand tone of voice. discovering and implementing new ways of supporting L‘ Amour Pearls on their live brief within the mindset of entrepreneurial thinking, which will enhance their employability skills and showcase their diverse way of problem solving to enhance business"Jennie Baptiste – Industry & Engagement Officer – WeNetwork- University of Westminster



Together with the University of Westminster, L'Amour Pearls ignited a transformative learning experience for future jewelry leaders.  These students, now armed with industry insights and a taste of real-world challenges, are poised to become the tastemakers and innovators who will redefine the art of luxury pearls. This collaboration marks a new chapter for L'Amour Pearls, a promise of a future where timeless elegance meets cutting-edge innovation, ensuring our position at the forefront of luxury pearls for generations to come.