Festive Pearls For Your Holiday Whirls

The temperatures may be cooling down, but there can still be apricity for your personal wonderland this holiday season.

As gift-giving season is fast-approaching, L’Amour Pearls is excited to bedazzle you with minty fresh pearl jewelry from our holiday collection for your snowy sprees:


Call Your Mama, Call Your Nana, And Make A Diorama


Making gingerbread houses is a fun—and tasty!—holiday pastime, but they don’t last long enough for us to attach any real meaning to them beyond that. 

Instead, opt for a diorama project. Maybe you want to put together a family tree, or recreate a life event. Gather your family and bond over memories together as you creatively simulate those tender feelings or moments you’ll share forever. You can find materials around the house or look for items on your next shopping trip. 

When you’re finished, be sure to commemorate a job well done with a family photo—diorama included. For young girls, we suggest dolling up in a little cute dress with our Freshwater Pearl Dainty Little Women Set to match their sophisticated mothers, grandmothers, and aunts.

Adults can wear Freshwater 2 in 1 Necklace and Bracelet Pearl Set with Mother of Pearl Clasps too and pass it on to their children, who will keep all those wonderful memories alive for years to come. 



Create Your Own Ornaments From The Forest’s Many Compliments 


No matter what holiday you celebrate, you can search for all sorts of natural treasures in the winter woods to create garlands, wreaths, table settings, dessert decorations, centerpieces, and/or gift wrappings that complement your style.

Since pearls are also found in nature, you can choose jewelleries to complement your new ornaments. 

Don’t forget to take photos along the way! Wear a poncho with our Classic Pearls Set  for those vintage, picture-perfect moments as you take in the heady scents and spot any lingering woodland critters.




Get On The Ice, Don’t Make Us Tell You Twice


Ice skating is a classic winter date idea, but why not test your skills as a mother-daughter duo? Challenging and supporting each other is a great way to strengthen your special bond. 

Whether you’d like to brush up on your footwork or are ready to amaze the other skaters with your twirls and jumps, you’ll be the belles of the rink wearing skating apparel with our Freshwater 2-In-1 Necklace And Bracelet Set With Mother Of Pearls Clasps. 




Put On Your Best Vocals And Support Locals


Holiday markets and pop-ups are abound this season, giving you the perfect opportunity to shop small businesses that are often sustainable and/or give back to the community. For example, read our story to learn how L’Amour Pearls works toward socio-environmental responsibility through our production process and investments. 

You’re sure to find many unique and imaginative items; you’ll need a matching look to vibe with your haul. Put on a sweater dress-trench coat combination and our Baroque Coin Necklace And Earrings for a modern flair.




Set Your Sights On Enchanting Lights


Holiday lights are what make wintertime truly magical. Grab a friend and check out your nearest light festival, which could also include a fair or carnival, a marketplace, and live events for full immersion and excitement. 

It’ll all look heavenly; you’ll want to feel the same way too. Be the angel at the top of the tree with a winter-white jumpsuit and our Pearl Halo Pendant Earrings And Set.

As this year comes to a close, create meaningful experiences regardless of the winter activity you choose to do so that whenever you look at your pearls, you’ll always remember stories to tell and lessons to share with your loved ones. 

Have a look at our latest releases and fan favorites to get in the holiday spirit with the perfect pearls for your frosty fashion.