“Time fades, fashion changes but a true beauty remains eternal” L’Amour Pearls

      At L’Amour Pearls our mission is to help you experience the sensation of owning beautiful, handcrafted pearl jewelry. From vision to ornamentation, we believe jewelry should give the wearer pleasure. Our desire is to inspire individuals to wear pearls in a unique and trendy style, allowing their true nature to shine through.

      The L’Amour Pearls collection focuses on ethically sourced, fine cultured freshwater pearls that help you add a touch of sophistication, elegance, and grandeur from a bygone era to any look. From bridal pearl collections to everyday favorites, we have one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with love in mind! We will help you find the perfect pearl jewelry to complement your style, whether you’re looking for classic, elegant pieces or something trendier to add some beauty and glamor to your outfits. Find the perfect piece for yourself or as a timeless gift for that someone special. Luxury is about feeling good and looking good, let us help you discover the elegance and sophistication of pearl jewelry.


      About Founder

      L’Amour Pearls was founded by Shiya to honour her fond memories of her beloved maternal grandmother who instilled the beauty of pearls, strong will and appreciation for life in her childhood.

      Shiya is a technology leader based in Toronto and has a great appreciation for creativity, arts, and fashion which she cultivated from a very young age. Her upbringing in three continents opened her eyes to the rich cultures, vibrant lifestyle, appreciation for and celebration of life. In 2010, during her visit to the Isle of Wight, Shiya learned about freshwater cultured pearls which became her spark of inspiration. Shiya shared her love of creativity and high-quality pearl products with her close friends and family, which received great appreciation and allowed her to create the brand “L’Amour Pearls”. Shiya had to put a hold on her passion for eight years until 2021, where she decided to present a new vision and life to L’Amour Pearls.

      Shiya created L’Amour Pearls to share her passion, spread love and positivity with beautiful souls just like you.

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