Transcending Beauty

“Pearls have evolved into one of the most popular trends for 2020” - Vogue


Elegant, captivating, and an everlasting vogue, pearls are a perfection for every woman.  The oldest known gem to mankind symbolizes glamour, beauty, love and self-expression. According to Forbes, “pearls have evolved into one of the most popular trends for 2020”, and without a doubt this trend will continue to prevail for years to come. Today's trendsetters are certainly wearing pearls that are revitalized with daring styles and colours without losing it’s classy, elegant appearance.
Pearls are quintessential in design and style, allowing them to easily compliment the modern stylish ways. Pearls come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, easily becoming a perfect match with any complexion, and leaving the wearer feeling beautiful and confident.

Pearl jewelries are an epitome of sophistication from royalty to state of heads to media mavens and fashion icons. Coco Chanel helped bring the pearl jewelry revolution in early twenties empowering women and popularizing a casual chic style. Pearls have been a signature style choice for many influential women in the past, including Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy to present day Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris. Pearls worn around the necks of these charismatic women became an expression of their unique strengths and leadership styles.

Pearls never go out of fashion and fashion designers definitely play a part in making sure of that. Time after time, we have seen models strut the runway wearing pearls from head to toe and even have the tiny gems sewed into their clothes. Fashion runaways are a great platform to find inspiration on how to incorporate pearls into your chic and bold looks.

And who said pearls are only to be worn by women?

Men wearing pearls are not as uncommon as we thought. Men in pearls can be traced back to the 16th century, at a time where pearls represented power and nobility, and wealthy men were lavished in it. In recent times, pearls have become one of the hottest accessories among men. Notable celebrities and popular music icons like Pharrell Williams, Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and A$AP Rocky are photographed with single to double strands of modern, edgy pearls swaying around their necks. This shows to prove that pearls are versatile, unique and dynamic - more the reason to add pearls to your personal jewelry collection.


Let’s not forget the most talked about Regency-era drama series released on Netflix during the early winter months - Bridgerton. We saw it all - the romance, plenty of drama, extravagant costumes and of course, the eye-catching whimsical jewelry. The pearls worn had a contemporary flair while maintaining its timeless elegance. We knew in that moment the pearl choker-style necklace, vintage-style pearl rings and pearl drop earrings adorned by the characters are going to set the new trend.

I think it is safe to say that pearls have been part of our wardrobe in some form or shape and truthfully, you can never go wrong with wearing one. Pearls have and continue to make its entry in refreshing styles, so to our pearl lovers, experiment and create your own powerful statement with this beautiful gem.

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