Stylish Pearl Jewelries For Summer Events
In June, The Pearl Is In Bloom As summer graces us with its sweet smells and gentle breezes, exciting opportunities are abloom. Starting fresh, trying again, and welcoming new experiences - these are just a sprinkling of the values symbolized...
Why is pearl jewelry the best gift for young girls?
Choosing the right gift is a challenging task, especially when it is a close one to whom we want to give a gift. There are so many things to consider. Freshwater pearl jewelry is one of the most beautiful and...
Make this Valentine’s Day a one to remember and cherish
It’s that time of the year again! Shower your significant other with a bunch of roses, chocolates and an unexpected gift that is lovely and considerate, and serves as a lasting token of your love. Express your love with a...
Transcending Beauty

Pearls are quintessential in design and style, allowing them to easily compliment the modern stylish ways. Today's trendsetters are certainly wearing pearls that are revitalized with daring styles and colours without losing it’s classy, elegant appearance.

Choosing the Perfect Pearl Jewelries for the Right Occasions
Let’s be honest ladies, choosing the best jewelry to compliment your outfit can be a difficult task. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that can make you appear stylish, classy, and audacious, what’s better than the ‘queen of gems’’ herself?
Genuine Pearls - A Brief Overview of the Two Types of Pearls.
So what is the difference between natural and cultured pearls? It’s origin – natural pearls form by chance whereas cultured pearls do not. Cultured pearls are genuine pearls that are cultivated in pearl farms with human intervention.
Pearl Education Guide: The Queen of Gems
 "The birth of a pearl is truly a miraculous event". Unlike other gemstones mined from the earth, pearls are created within a living organism. Pearl Formation The process begins when a foreign substance sneaks into the body of oyster or...
Gift Your Mom The Best
The Perfect Birthday & Mother's Day Gift There really is a pearl for every Mom. No matter her sense of style, there are so many different varieties of pearl jewelry that there is absolutely a set of pearls out there...