Choosing the Perfect Pearl Jewelries for the Right Occasions

Let’s be honest ladies, choosing the best jewelry to compliment your outfit can be a difficult task. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that can make you appear stylish, classy, and audacious, what’s better than the ‘queen of gems’’ herself?

We are now in the middle of a pearl renaissance. Today, you can use any occasion as an opportunity to wear pearl jewelry, as it is now available in an endless style variety. Do not be deluded by pearl’s simple and elegant appearance as it has the ability to transform an entire look, which is why we adore them so much.

Ready to dazzle? We want to share a few tips to help you create a striking look and avoid possible fashion faux pas. We hope you find inspiration from our ideas to create your own fashion statement with our collections. 

The Casual You

It is commonly thought that pearls should only be worn on a special occasion, when in reality you can wear pearls daily too, with your casual blouse and denim bottoms. Whether you are running errands, meeting up with your friends for brunch or taking your children for a walk in the park, throw on a pair of simple, elegant pearl stud and elongated single or multi-strand necklace to upscale your casual attire. You can confidently wear simple pearl studs or small dangling pearls on any mismatched outfit and still feel comfortable.

The Boss Lady

The type of pearl jewelry you wish to wear to work may depend on your job type, your work environment, and the image you want to create for your colleagues and clients. Pearl drop earrings or pearl studs and a bracelet will surely compliment your monochromatic business and casual-smart outfits. Also, it is best to choose a single or double-strand choker, princess, or matinee-length pearl necklace. If you are working in a creative environment, you can try bold looks with layered chunky pearl accessories to create your unique look. If you are not too sure about pearl sizes, please head over to our size guide section to learn more.

The Blushing Bride

There is no other occasion where a woman would want to look more ravishing than on her big day. A classic statement pearl jewelry set including teardrop earrings, choker or princess-length necklace and bracelet, and even a hair-piece embedded with pearls, is the best accompaniment to your wedding dress and will elevate your look to the next level. Pearl jewelry is one of the treasured heirlooms from families and is passed down by mother or grandmother on the wedding day to the bride as a gift. It is a great way to keep the emotional ties with special ones in your life. It shows pearls are timeless.

The Bridal Entourage

It is very well known that a brides’ maid-of-honor and bridesmaids are her backbone during the wedding. While the goal is to not outshine the bride, the bridal entourage still needs to look fabulous next to the bride. One of the best ways to compliment your bride is by wearing teardrop earrings and a choker or princess-length necklace with appropriately matching color and shape. White and beige color pearls are the most popular for the wedding industry and work beautifully with any color palette of bridesmaid dresses.

The Date Night

We all want to look and feel fabulous on our romantic date night. There are tons of ways to style your mood with pearl jewelry to bring out your feminine chic and flirty looks. Choosing the right pearl jewelry for date night really depends on how you would like to pair it with your outfit and the makeup look you’re going for. Consider pearl hoop earrings as it will give a fresh, edgy, and elegant vibe to your sultry look. Pearl hoop earrings can either be a single piece of pearl placed in a metal hoop or a complete hoop of pearls. Level up your game by adding mystery to your outfit by wearing a deep color and finishing off with bold lips and smokey eyes. Keep mesmerizing your special someone with your looks and have a special time.

Here at L’Amour Pearls, we offer selections for various style needs. Head over to our collections.