Luxury Made With Love, A New Approach To Corporate Gifting

It’s the new year, which means brands aren’t only thinking about surpassing their previous successes, but also giving back to the communities that are helping them succeed every step of the way.

Corporate gifting has become an increasingly common way for brands to strengthen, reignite, and/or establish genuine relationships with their employees, clients, and/or prospects. 

Creating an experience that brings value to the recipient will retain their engagement and loyalty to the brand amidst fierce competition for their time because they feel their unique contributions are truly appreciated and their emotional needs are carefully understood by the company.

At L’Amour Pearls, we’re evolving the conversation around corporate gifts by emphasizing love and the beauty of life through our timeless, sustainable products.

For your employee incentive program, motivate your team to develop a mindful workflow and express themselves creatively with stunning pearl jewelry. Perhaps your employees have a personal milestone, be it a birthday, holiday, wedding, or anniversary, or are on the road to recovery—giving them glowing pieces shows you honor every experience in their lives that makes them who they are beyond their careers. 

On the topic of milestones, it’s a given that recognizing the effort your talent invests into positioning your brand as an innovator in your industry and encouraging meaningful productivity are all part of celebrating company wins. But don’t forget to acknowledge the visions, initiatives, and voices of your community members as well—these are your clients, ambassadors, partners, event attendees, and prospects. Pearls are the perfect way to symbolize the connections and journey you have with everyone who will vouch for your company’s endeavors.

Marrying unassuming grace with boundless splendor for your individual look, L’Amour Pearls’s handcrafted treasures will bathe your every outfit in complete affection whether you’re boosting serotonin at the office or enjoying the quieter moments of your day. Our work with extraordinary artisans results in earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, and necklaces in diverse colors, sizes, and styles for all age groups.

Unparalleled, quality jewelry never comes at the expense of our planet, however, as all our pieces are ethically sourced. We are always researching to discover the most appropriate resources to use, supply chains that are transparent, operations that are accountable, and partnerships that align with our customer-first, eco-minded values.

Since we strive for environmental and social responsibility, we remain conscious at every stage of production; from meticulously selecting cultured freshwater pearls, gemstones, and precious metals, to creating gift bags and boxes from 100% recycled materials, and producing our inventory in small batches to minimize waste, our company champions the shift to carbon neutrality.

For us, luxury is about transformation and positivity; the sophisticated cultures we’re exposed to and the wellful lifestyles we practice color the intimacies in our lives and the vibrancy of our world. We invite you to join us in spreading this fierce passion so you can bask in both long-term revenue and corporate health that inspires doing good for our society.

Consult with the L’Amour Pearls team on our collections to find the most suitable corporate gifts according to your budget, recipients’ preferences, and the occasion you’re commemorating. We can’t wait to explore a trove of elegance with you.