Stylish Pearl Jewelries For Summer Events

In June, The Pearl Is In Bloom

As summer graces us with its sweet smells and gentle breezes, exciting opportunities are abloom. Starting fresh, trying again, and welcoming new experiences - these are just a sprinkling of the values symbolized by June’s birthstone, the pearl.

Adorned with delicate simplicity and an air of unassuming sophistication, pearls encourage us to maintain our integrity and open our minds to life’s many blisses. Look no further than famous June babies Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie, two film actresses who have not only honoured the power of pearl jewelry in their public appearances, but are also committed to humanitarian efforts such as women empowerment and child education.

We at L’Amour Pearls are delighted to pair you with the perfect freshwater pearl jewellery from our latest summer collection for the moments you’ll want to treasure most:

 A Day Of Art For The Expressive Heart

Pearls are often a statement in artistic works, like Johannes Vermeer’s painting “Girl With A Pearl Earring”. Make your own statement at an outdoor art exhibition or fair, especially given how immersive these have become over the years, by wearing our 18ct Gold Plated Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings with a quaint babydoll dress and comfy ballet flats. You’ll blend right into your lovely surroundings as you appreciate every brush stroke and impressed texture.


No Time To Snooze, It’s Time For A Cruise

You’ll be drinking in the sights along with your wine, and dancing the night away after you dine. If an evening like this sounds mesmerizing to you, dazzle your date in a chiffon maxi dress coupled with a tousled up-do and our Freshwater Pearl Dainty Necklace Earrings Set. They won’t be able to take their eyes off you for long, even as the fireworks go off!

Organic Food To Brighten The Mood

Support your local farmer’s market - or, if a little extra adventure strikes your fancy, grow or pick your own produce - and make a picnic out of it! To spruce up this cottagecore trend, match our Freshwater Pearl Choker Chain Necklace with your vintage dress and sun hat. You’ll be the star of your own neoclassic Hollywood film in no time.

Sing Along To Your Favourite Song

No summer is complete without enjoyable vibes. Book tickets to a concert or music festival if any acts you love are coming to town. Our Freshwater Pearl Peanut Charm Bracelet in 14K Plated and Gemstones is ideal for the jumpers and wavers in the crowd - the complement to your band shirt and shorts.

A Drive-In Movie, When You’re Feeling Groovy

Shared nostalgia can bring intimacy to your date night. Go retro for the occasion in a jean jacket and capris. Our 14K Gold Charm Freshwater Pearl Bracelet With Baroque will add to the romance as you hold hands or drape your arm around his shoulder.

A Calming Shore Leaves You Wanting More

Who could say no to lulling sounds of waves and soothing ionic scents while lounging in boho chic? Lighten up the style with our Freshwater Pearl Dainty Droplets Necklace so you don’t feel bogged down as you’re building sandcastles and taking a stroll on the beach.

An Active “You” Is Never Blue

Warm weather inspires activity, and there’s so many to choose from: swimming, jogging, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, you name it. Whatever your challenge, our Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings will see it through with you. You won’t have to worry about them causing trouble, so you can focus on reaching your fitness goals.

No matter what your plans are or what looks you experiment with, donning freshwater pearl jewelry comes with surprising health benefits as well. With anti-inflammatory properties, it is said to help improve your skin imperfections, maintain water balance in your body, and overall emit protective energy through your vital organs. 

Browse through our collection and more to discover the right pieces for your summer look book.